Rancho Mission Viejo

Planning session Oct. 30 in the San Juan Capistrano Community Center.

Getting there:
Down PCH to Del Obispo, go to CaminoDelAvion, turn right 2 blocks it's on the left.

Sign in table. The alternatives prepared by US Fish and Wildlife Service, Orange County and Fish and Game were all development options.

All of those present -- it seemed -- were for the "buy the property and save it all" option, which was not on the sheet.

Inside the meeting room -- standing room only, and not much of that.

The officials sat up in front, spinning the glories of their planned options.
Here's one quote from memory:
"...this partial development is nothing to be ignored, it's a good thing, your organizations pay good money to buy conservation easements..."
But RMV is still a viable ecosystem in toto, a different case from paying farmers not to subdivide.

View of the audience. There is a long line of speakers who were the few allowed to approach the mike in the time limit allotted.
Here's one quote from Agency printout:
"...conservation of...California gnatcatchers (sic)...within areas designated as Golf Residential and Estates..." ( can wild animals survive on golf courses and estates?)

Development opponents took their pictures, with a note of their opinion, and sent them to DFG in Sacramento.

Some of the photo-card messages. There are also thousands of post cards being mailed in to DFG.

Public Comment Card

Joint Alternatives Workshop IV for the Southern Orange County Coordinated Planning Process Oct. 30, 02

Affiliation, if any:
Add me to the coordinated process public interest list ________
Send in your comments by Nov. 13, 2002 to:
Karen A. Evans
Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office
2730 Loker Avenue West
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Additional persons to receive comments:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Attn. Jill Terp 760-431-9440
California Dept. of Fish and Game, Attn. Warren Wong 858-467-4249
US Army Corps. of Engineers, Attn. Russ Kaiser 213-452-3293
County of Orange, Attn. Ron Tippets 714-834-5394